Jobs & student projects

Job openings for PhD students or postdocs in our team


At the moment there are no open positions for new PhD students or postdocs in our team, but some may become available in a few months from now.

You are always welcome to send an open application to prof. Caspar van der Wal, but please read the small print below here if you want a reply.


Creating your own position in our team

For any of the options below here, you need to write a proposal, and for good candidates I am willing to support your writing and submission of such a proposal.

For postdocs, you can create your own position with a VENI grant (3 years) or RUBICON via, or via a Marie Curie grant from the EU.

For a position as a PhD student (when you already completed a master study at a good level) there are
sometimes options. Please check the EU websites,, or

When you are about to finish a bachelor degree, or recently did so, consider applying for our highly-ranked Top Master in Nanoscience.
Applicants must be very good in their studies, and must be strongly motivated to do research.
For participants in this program there are often full scholarships,
and a position typically continues into a fully paid PhD position if your performance is good. The application deadline is typically 1 February (non EU) or 1 May (EU), but you can still apply much later if you need no/little time for obtaining a visa, and only if there are still open positions.

NOTE on open applications: Open applications for a PhD or postdoc position are always welcome, but please forgive me if I do not always reply on open applications that I receive in e-mail form. If you do not get a reply within 2 weeks, it means I cannot offer you a position. However, if you send me an open application in the form of a paper letter sent by old-fashioned regular mail, I will always reply and keep your application in my archives for 6 months (I need to apply this type of filter, since I get very very many e-mail applications). If you send an e-mail application in response to an advertised opening, I will always reply.