Guidelines for reporting BSc / MSc projects

Guidelines for talks and report writing:

1. [Only for MSc projects]. For a 60 EC (45 EC and short Top Master) project, there are 2 (1) midterm assessments. Just before these moments, the student must give an oral presentation about work done so far to the QD team or full Physics of Nanodevices (FND) group. The presentation should be roughly 20 minutes.

2. Instructions for the final thesis – the thesis should not exceed 20 (for BSc) or 30 (for MSc) pages in length from the introduction chapter up to and including the conclusion chapter, in usual A4 formatting (ask for examples, this is about 400-500 words per A4 page). Essential information that is too lengthy or other useful information is always welcome in the form of appendices.

3. Report writing: besides advising and exploratory discussions, only one draft is to be handed in for feedback to the daily supervisor before the final version is handed in (as opposed to multiple iterations). Note that this can be done on a chapter-by-chapter basis. The formal 1st supervisor (Caspar) will base the grade on thoroughly reading a near-final (~99%) version once. The student is always welcome beforehand for specific advice or questions (e.g. on text structure choices, figure design , etc).