Checklist yearly maintenance

Yearly checks and maintenance lists

This list contains checks that need to be performed twice a year after summer/winter holiday
Some points are for both labs 144 and 237, some for a specific lab. [Will be specified..]

  • Refresh cooling water of laser cooling
    (Use demiwater, not Coherent cooling fluid)
  • Vacuum clean the laserlabs
  • Check Hepa air inlet filters on the cabinet around optical tables
  • Check airconditioning performance and remove dust in in- and outlets
  • Batteries ‘low noise preamplifier’
  • Batteries oxygen sensor
  • Check that all laser protection glasses are present at the right labs:
    • Lab 144:
    • Lab 237:
      • 1 x glasses dualband, 700-1000 OD 6, 532 OD 7
      • 1 x goggles dualband, 700-1000 OD 6, 532 OD 7
      • 2 x glasses against infrared, 700-1000 OD 6
      • 2 x glasses against green, 532 OD 7
  • Remove/Store unused cables/boxes/tools/optics/etc from the labs
  • Check if all measurement data is back-uped on Y:\
  • Oil level in dilfridge pumps
  • Oil level in central 1k pot pump
  • Update CMI contact lists (emergency contact lists at lab entrances) and communicate this to security
  • Update names on door labels.
  • Check if light that says ‘Laser ON’ at entrance works.
  • Check/update labels with laser descriptions on lab door.