We work with MBE grown GaAs/AlGaAs materials from the group of Andreas Wieck in Bochum (Germany). For MBE grown materials we will also continue to collaborate with Dirk Reuter, who started a new group in Paderborn (Germany) (after a position in Bochum till 2012).

For SiC materials, our main collaboration is the group of Nguyen T. Son and Erik Janzen (Linköping, Sweden).

We work with MBE grown ZnSe materials from the group of Detlef Hommel and Carsten Kruse in Bremen (Germany).

For theory support we have various collaborations.

We participate in the open part of the Dutch National Program on Solid State Quantum Information Processing (at FOM, nr. 73).

For nanofabrication expertise and facilities we particpate in the Dutch National Nanoned and NanoLab NL initiatives.
In particualr, we do part of our fabricatin in collaboration with the team of Marco van der Krogt and Frank Dirne at the Kavli Nanolab at Delft University of Technology.